Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Of husbands and husbands

He was waiting for me in front of Mercury Drug in MRT Ayala. He was wearing the long sleeved polo I bought from Maldita that I haven't used yet, and was about to yesterday since I was conducting a training for my colleagues, but he needed it more that I do, so I ironed the longsleeve and let him wear it. It was all worth it.

After I saw him standing, I went up to him and kissed him; yes we do kiss in public. As usual, I always my peripheral vision for people's reaction. None. Good. I gave my goodbyes to my colleagues and went to our new favorite food hub; Mang Inasal. We walked towards there while holding hands, and after we were seated, he gave me the good news. He was accepted as a trainer. I was happy like hell! Finally, being the top performer (Uh, that didn't sound right. *grins), perfect attendance (no late, no absences for almost 3 years!), and garnering the highest stat in his department; which is one of the hardest department of the company.

He can't broadcast it yet since there's no formal announcement done on their department, but given the fact that the interviewer already gave him this "confirmation," I know they were also happy that he passed. I was teasing him that I'll greet him on his wall. Hahaha!! Naughty me! Since I (hope and) think that nobody on his office reads my blog; I'm just happy to announce it here!

For the past few days I was stressed out and down, but yesterday morning, everything changed. I now feel better and uplifted and I'm just so happy for him, and so proud of my husband!

Before we went home I told him to offer a thanks giving mass on Sunday and of course, we have to celebrate.


  1. thanks mew!
    i have a slight correction though with this part - perfect attendance (no late, no absences for almost 3 years!
    no lates or absences for 3 years and 6 months this coming July 29! hehe
    love you!

  2. @Von: This is one of the best parts of being in a relationship; you have someone to share your joys =)

    @kojie: Wow, three and a half years of perfect attendance? I am impressed.

  3. @Kojie-husband, pwede mag sorry?! hehe

    @pipo, hahaha! That's everywhere! holding hands sa megamall, lambingan sa mrt, at goodbye kisses...

    @Desole Boy, thanks...

    @Kane, Yep, i agree! and yes, kahit may sakit yan, papasok yan, walang bagyong makakapigil sa kanyang pumasok. ehehehe

  4. @kane - thanks! hopefully I can keep it up.