Sunday, August 22, 2010

Of weekends and announcements (and special mentions)

What happened this weekend was quite peculiar. I was doing my weekend to do list when Saturday morning, husband asked me to go with him and spend the weekend over at their place in Laguna. I’m already finished with my to do list- wash my white shirts, arrange my files and important documents. However, he insisted me to go with him. Out of love, and those pa-cute ways and cuddles of him; I lost the battle. I was pissed off though when he was about to text tita “Sasama si Mark pauwi dyan.”(Mark will go with me there). I was like… what the?!? You invited me even though I already have plans (STRIKE 1!) and you’ll tell her I want to go!? STRIKE 2!

We then prepared going to his hometown in San Pablo. Tita Madel(his mom) welcomed us with my favorite Beef Asado, we surprised her though with ice cream. After our hearty meal, I watched television first before joining husband for an afternoon siesta. Tita woke us up since we are to attend Joey’s birthday party; husband’s 10 year old cousin. It was rather a fun party since I was able to meet tita’s elder brother and see tita Pinky’s cute shitzus; Lucky and Jasmine. After the party, it was nice to see his whole family being warm to me especially his lola who keep on saying “Sana dito ka na every weekend!” (I hope you’re here every weekend!) We went back to their home and took a rest, I told him that we need to go before lunch since we still need to attend mass plus, I have a shift at 8pm.

Sunday morning, we then ate again, a hearty meal courtesy of his mom and we were on our way back to the metro. We attended mass at Megamall and went home for me to prepare for work. I didn’t get enough sleep and I told him not to do that again; unplanned trips. He knows how I get stressed when I don’t get enough sleep before work. STRIKE 3! I visited MCC, and boy, the room was overflowing! There were lots of guests last Sunday! Too bad I wasn’t/can’t join them. Then, before I went to work and ate “breakfast” at Pizza Hut, since I really have this nasty headache thus, the picture on this entry. A couple of friends requested that I pos t my new hairdo too.

I’m excited to join the theorg-y on Sept 1. It’s just like coming out, again… and again… and again… I’m already doing the draft because I want this to be special; just like my old coming out moments. Funny though, I have yet to email the owner of the theorg-y; he posted my “other” blog site. Hahhaha!!

Already bought groceries yesterday, excited to become a full time house-band! Cooking for husband! Tita asked me if I know how to cook, I told her not like her, but yeah, I know a couple of dishes or two, and pasta! She said she’s hoping I could teach her son (husband) on how to cook since both of them (him and his brother) don’t know how to dance with pots and pans. Inside, I just told myself, that’s why we’re here for tita…

Excited for this weekend for our GAWAD Kamustahan, Bi El (Bahay Laguna) Day and General Assembly, I miss my GAWAD family!

Excited this Friday because we'll be buying his Nokia N8 and my Ericsson phone, a bit pissed because I still can't decide which phone to buy and getting more pissed because Satio and Aino joined the list. Though, I already crossed out Xperia and Xperia Mini since it wasn't really worth the price, plus Xperia is sooooooo big. We tried Satio and Aino last Friday and damn, I really love them, with Vivaz of course.

Then, to finalize it all, we're both excited to watch Mamarazzi, of course, by our very own Eugene Domingo. YAY!

Special Mentions to!

Sheenah, and her wonderful baby Danah! Her pictures work wonders; stress and anger disappears! Smile suddenly appears!

ex-bf Euan,visited last Friday before going to a party.

Rajsh, the queen of drafts! your highness! Hahaha!!

J_ _ _ r_ _, good luck stalking, errr hunting him! Hahaha! You're lucky you're on the same building!


  1. awww namimiss ko yung ganyan..
    weekend with partner sa province.

  2. hey, thanks for the special mention!

    I got to use a Vivaz for about two minutes. hindi perfect yung shape nya but I loved it! Dave wanted to buy me one right away but I told him an HTC would suffice. :) Satio and Aino are good too. medyo overrated lang yung Satio but it's worth the price.

    if in any case you want to waste money, Sony Ericsson Elm is for you!

    i'm glad you're switching to Sony Ericsson na. welcome to the club! (K770i user here hehe)

  3. @paci, yeah.. relaxing with partner... hehehehe..

    @Sheenah, welcome.. hehehe..
    and thanks for the info! Mwah!
    regards to them all!