Thursday, August 26, 2010

on moving and wings

“Tara, lilipat na tayo ng bahay.”

Or something like that.

This is what my dad said to me/us. I felt surprised and hesitant. Lola just died and we need to move? We’ve been living in this house forever, and we’re moving EVERYTHING?! Dad said it was just a couple of blocks away. I really was hesitant, but in the same time, excited. Dad works as a contractor so he knows if the house is good. We all then started packing our things; just like that. I was overwhelmed by how much things I have! We were packing then dad invited us to visit the place first, we were walking on the streets and a couple of blocks was our “supposedly” new place!

It looked grand, it was big and spacious and just big! When I was already feeling dizzy because of its humongous space; I woke up.

Okay, back to sleep.

Then, Jaime Fabregas showed up.
A cute teenager, early 20ish, chinito, in red checkered polo was hugging him, calling him daddy, asking his permission to go with us; his barkada. He shooed him away and that’s the time that we played around. They were in a field of green grass, more like baker hall, but wider, and with only 1 tree in the middle. When we turned, there’s this abandoned old building, we went inside and we were trying to explore the building, we suspected that there’s something bad going on since we saw a couple of goons, they went hiding and we looked for them. Eventually they pursued us as we tried to escape, we were followed by the goons and then, chinito guy, removed his polo, and revealed wings at his back! Just like Archangel from the X-Men series. We were all surprised and he flew to freedom, eventually, we were able to free ourselves as well. Then, without any warning, I’m him! I felt the wings at my back, and it was kind of hard to maneuver it as we walk along the field. We went to Jaime Fabregas’ (now my dad) office and checked if there’s anything that will show proof that he’s a crook. Then, without any warning he shooed me away again and was in a hurry. I found out that there were a couple of crooks with him in the fire exit, trying to escape. I then went out as the goons were trying to catch me. I then tried spreading my wings (Yes butterfly!) and that’s when I felt I’m half awake; moaning. I was flying around when suddenly husband woke me up.


Image taken here.


  1. LILIPAT KAYO?! Your house is big and beautiful na ah. Ang yaman n'yo na talaga!

    Don't you want to jump into the bandwagon of ppl posting pics of their new home? Nacurious lang ako. If kasi nagustuhan mo yung new house, it means it's better than the old one. Pics!!!

  2. haha!! just a dream...
    ang weird nga eh, biglang nagtext si dad kanina...hehehe

    nah, di ako tulad NILA.. ultimong bagong gabok, may post!