Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I-shoes Issues

Pa, please, buy me a new pair of shoes! Mine’s already (just bought last week) old! There are stains already, so I won’t be able to use it anymore! Pa, please! Buy me a new one!
DAD: nods an “NO.”

DAD: Son, please, buy a new pair of shoes, yours is already torn, old and the soles are already saying “hi!,” you shouldn’t be using that anymore! Son please! Buy a new one!
ME: nods a “NO.”

For some reason, I’m not fond of shoes, and I’m not sure if my parents were blessed to have me as their kid, because instead of getting irritated of sons asking their parents to buy them new shoes, my parents (and siblings) actually are the ones getting embarrassed with my shoes.

I like my shoes, the older the better, my feet loves getting used to old shoes. I don’t like the feeling of walking new shoes, and I definitely don’t like the feeling of people looking at my foot because of the new shoes (Haller!? May mukha ako!?)

My MMK moment was with my sister when she was about to get married and because during that time I love my big titanic-like shoes, but it was old enough to be thrown in the garbage, she said, “Mamili ka, bibili ka ng sapatos o hindi ka pupunta sa kasal ko!” (“You choose, you will buy a new pair of shoes or you will not attend my wedding!”) I love my sister; so my dad and I went to the nearest town mall (Olivarez Plaza) and bought the simplest, most inexpensive leather I-will-only-wear-for-my-sister’s-wedding-shoes.

During high school until college, I maintain at least 2-3 shoes; rubber and leather, other than that, I don’t really think of the need to have more shoes since I don’t care what to wear, as long as I have something to wear, am good.

Another issue I have with shoes is that people tend to envy my shoes; for one, I don’t buy them, they’re all hand me downs of my cousins, and since they’re the one who owns the cool, up to date, fashionable shoes, I get some of their blessings.

However, for some reason, last December, there were a couple of shoes in Girbaud that caught my attention, but since 1)I don’t have the budget, 2)I don’t see the use of the (casual)shoes , I didn’t buy it.

Right now, husband and I get into arguments because of that; he wants me to buy new shoes, but since I don’t have the budget, I don’t. The crocodile pair of leather shoes is already saying “let me rest in peace.”

Not right now, I still have 3 reserved shoes at my rack; the zombie shoes, the titanic shoes, and the rock shoes. Try to imagine why I described those as such.

*images captured from oddee.com


  1. Errr... I lurve shoes but I stick with the basics... white, brown, black, plaid, canvass, rubber, leather, casual, formal, square toe, boots, printed, blues, yellows, greens, reds, purples... you get the drift. Haha.

  2. hahahaa.. not a shoe fan.. pareho my older sister always gives me SHOES.. lots of them

  3. @Tristan, so does that mean, bibigyan mo ko? or ibibili mo ako? Nyahahah!!

    @Dhon, pwede bang maging sister yang sister mo?

  4. I am not fond of shoes as well. I'm still using the shoes I bought 2 years ago. Eh ano ngayon kung gasgas na at may stain? And importante may sapatos hahaha

    still trying to imagine the zombie shoes hahaha

  5. @Menthos, buti ka pa nagtatagal ng 2 years shoes mo, and yes, importante, may shoes ka.hehe

    Zombie shoes? :D natetempt akong kunan ng pic yung 3 hand me down "reserve" shoes ko .ehehehe

  6. ako i don't feel like getting shoes unless hindi ko na siya masusuot talaga. haha but my reasons are a bit stranger. nasasad ako pagnireretire ko sila. i guess u could say it's sentimental. lol

  7. @citybuoy, i feel you, sana nga may shoes na forever, and di na rin nagkaron ng rubber/leather/sneakers that's differentiated. gusto ko isang sapatos lang, i remember i had shoes na rubber shoes pero black so mukhang formal, parang yun lang shoes ko forever.