Friday, November 12, 2010

Of Zoden and Hayden, of Unstoppables, Armani and Eclipse

The other day, I was preparing to hi t the bed and I was looking for zoden, I knelt on my bed and thinking that under the comforter was just the bed; I knelt the usual way and I knelt on something, it didn’t take me a second to realize that I knelt on Zoden (Creative Zen). I checked and it was still whole, however, when I turned it on; he was already like this:

Good thing he was still working, and kept on playing. I’m still having second thoughts if I’ll replace him or not, especially with the 13th month pay coming, but husband told me that it’ll be a waste of money since Zoden can still play songs and the video is still viewable; with a couple of black spots though.

Yesterday, I was about to go to the gym after my shift, however, since husband needs some uplifting (he was depressed due to some work issues), I decided to surprise him, so I went straight home and we slept together. He invited me to watch Megamind, but there’s no more available slot during the LFS. I was able to check the schedule and BINGO! Unstoppable was available, and apparently, he already forgot that it was the one that we’re waiting for.

We woke up early (which bugs me because if it’s a date or going out, I’m able to get up without any problem, but if its work, I wake up late…), around 6pm, and prepared for our date. After we bought the ticket, dropped his things at work, we then ate dinner at Sbarro, since we were craving for their Cheesecake with toppings; which was not available anymore. I then just ordered the cheesecake with cherry and him, a slice of tiramisu, which we both didn’t enjoy.

We then went to Speedo to check some goggles (I’m coming back to swimming), and didn’t find any “nice” pair. On our way to The Ramp, someone was approaching us, trying to sell something, or trying to SPRAY something… Being the snob people that we are, we just went straight to the Ramp, but a couple of steps away from the entrance, husband stopped me and told me it was Hayden Kho near the Mercury Drug store. “Seriously?!” I checked and it was him! It was now my chance! We went to check it out and it was indeed him! There were two gurls who just finished taking their picture with him and a straight couple buying perfume from him and asking some “business proposal” while we were scanning the store, I was waiting for the chance to ask him for a picture with him, but this salesman already “offered” me the perfumes. Probably due to the pressure, situation, my “kakuriputan” that led me to leave without Hayden and my picture, add the fact that we didn’t find any good finds at The Ramp. We just then headed to A/X since husband was looking for a shoulder bag. The AX’s leather bag just caught my eye and pushed husband to buy it, add the fact that it was the last piece, I won! Yahoo! I tried not to smile, because he’ll know my plan. Wahaha!! When we were on our way to watch the movie, I burst into smile and told him everything! Hahaha!

We enjoyed Unstoppable in such a way that it was breathtakingly suspense filled movie, not the horrific, killer-suspense kind of breath taker movie. The measure of breath taking-ness of a movie to me was my grip with husband’s hand, and his hand was gripped almost 90% of the time. After the movie, he went to work and I gym, thanks to my gym that’s open 24/7. It was rather, peaceful since we were just 5 there.

7-11 say sorry!

After working out, went home to rest, and went straight to school; thus this post.