Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Casual Conversations, GS Edition, Waiters and "Bill Please"

I’m having a hard time adjusting to this season’s weather as I’m weak when it’s cold. That’s why my mind doesn’t work and wasn’t working properly for the past few days. I told this story to my friend Raha, , and she said to post this as she was just laughing like there’s no tomorrow; and that’s only during our chat conversation.

Saturday was school day for me at Graduate School for my Masters. Since my school was near a commercial center where SM Savemore, Pizza and Jollibee were, we tend to stay there and hang out. We chose Pizza Hut to stay so it would be a bit comfy for me since I'll be waiting for them to finish my classmates' Stat Class.
Scene 1:
While we're in the middle of our sumptuous meal, I asked my bestfriend to ask the waiter some ketchup (since she's much nearer to the waiter’s area). I was surprised why she did the "bill please" sign (you know? Like drawing a rectangle using the pointing finger and thumb of your hands?) and asked for the ketchup. So the confused waiter approached us and asked “Ma’am?” I slapped her at the back while saying to the waiter that we need some ketchup. The waiter keeping himself from laughing left and I, nagged at my bestfriend, asking why did she just did that! Even she doesn’t know the answer.

Scene 2:
Sitting on the couch alone, I was watching the other couch consisting of a mom, and 2 teenage guys. I was already concentrating on my report when suddenly, my peripheral vision caught the mother’s hands doing the “bill please” sign. The waiter approached her and asked, “Ma’am Piktyur?” I stopped myself from laughing, and covered my nearing to laugh smile (just like what Edward did at his class when Bella came in and he smelled her).

I really don’t know what’s happening that day. All I know is it’s hilarious day.


  1. Funny entry. I've tried doing that here sa SG, unconsciously naman. Napakamot tuloy ng ulo si Mr. Chinito Waiter. LOL.


  2. @m2m tripper! Namiss kita! Hehehe, thanks for dropping by and at least napangiti kita! Hahaha!!!

    Kampai to you too! Lol

  3. "as she was just laughing like there’s no tomorrow..."

    Hahahaha! Adik ka Mark! Wala tyong webcam sa office ah? Pano mo nalamang hamagalpak ako ng tawa? LOL

    At ngayon lang ako nag react sa post na ito... anong petsa na? :-P