Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pa embrace!

“Kahit cactus ka pa, titiisin ko ang sakit, mayakap ka lang…”

I think I just did. The series of unfortunate events happened after we got back from our Dos Palmas Escapade last week. It’s Thursday and I’m still expecting a couple of bad news.

I’m contradicting my “optimism,” so that I won’t sulk myself to sadness because of what happened for the past few days.

It actually started on our adventure day when Davixz (my Sony Ericson Vivaz) and my HTC went on snorkeling with me and went out; literally. Husband noticed that there was water inside the underwater bag (that was supposed to prevent water going inside the bag)and I quickly checked the phones, and they were both wet. I wasn’t able to use them until the next day. When we were on our way back, they were both working fine, but it seems that the jinx was just starting. I was watching Bleach series in my Vivaz when it stopped working suddenly. I tried everything, but didn't result to anythining. When we reached the Palawan Airport, the flight was delayed… 1 hour… 2 hours... We reached Manila nearly 7pm and we were hungry, and there was no way to cross the NAIA 3 to the other side, where we can see all the restaurants beaming brightly to us. we managed, but it was a bit of a nightmare.

Saturday and we have a scheduled “team building” that time at our manager’s place in Pasig. We were lost going to her place plus the program was just… I can’t even describe how bad it was and poorly made. I managed to survive yet again another day.

Sunday, came and all of a sudden, my HTC broke down; just like that. I was charging my old phone, but it wasn’t charging properly, so I reached at least 1 bar before I left for mass. The next day, husband and I were supposed to go to the service center for HTC which was in the jungle of Greenhills. Husband worked for a telecommunication company before so he knows how to go about the twist and turns of warranty policies, and he told me straight in the face; if it gets wet, warranty is voided and he said the people in the service center knows if the phone got wet or not. He was right, when we reached the HTC Service center, they knew, and that’s why they texted me last Friday night that the piece that needs to be replaced costs 14,000Php and 600 for the service fee. My heart dropped; the phone is just a couple of months old and I still have to pay that for 2 years, and it’s worthless now. Davixz, on the other hand was brought last Tuesday, and said that I should try to back up the data; all my contacts are on my phone. I tried but since the screen wasn’t working, it's not letting me back up because the PC can't detect the phone. I went back last Wednesday, waited for the malls to open, hoping that it’ll be fixed within the day, but said that it’ll take 4 hours. So I just decided to come back last Thursday.

Mini jinxes. Last Monday, we were about to redeem our freebie from Taco Bell for the BPI promo, I was already having a bad case of headache and we were dead hungry and the cashier said that I can’t use the receipt because the receipt shows it was year 2000; FOR SOME REASON. The manager explained that they can't accept the receipt for that reason and since I'm working for a bank; a credit card company to be exact, I should know better, so we left the store (with Jeffrey Hidalgo in it!). We just went to Glorietta and enjoyed our free Blizzard.

Last Tuesday, after I went to Glorietta, and left the phone at the Sony Ericson service Center, I went home and husband then went to Greenhills to buy PS3, I went to sleep but woke up with nightmares (whenever I don’t sleep with husband, I either get nightmares or can’t sleep right), plus I got hungry; it was around 7ish and I still awake and I still have a shift at 11. I tried sleeping but my stomach kept on grumbling. I woke up and ate oatmeal instead.

The whole week, I wasn’t able to go to the gym because of my trips to the service centers and I suddenly have financial difficulties. It was rather harder since gym was the only place I can fight stress.

Almost everyday, I just embraced all those bad experiences and thought this too shall pass... and it paid off. IT DID!

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