Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hey guys beware

A call from 0917 310 5020

Hello? Kilala mo ba si (someone random)? 
Ano pangalan mo?
Hindi ko kilala yung hinahanap mo, wrong number ka..
San ka ba nagtatrabaho?
'Di ko sasagutin?! 'Di ko naman kilala tinatanong mo..
Eh bakit kaya ikaw nilagay na reference dito?
Anyway, thank you..BYE!

If this was indeed a true HR rep calling in, she/he would've introduced himself and talk like a professional.
Be careful as this is a possible case of phishing. US and CANADA were already facing a big problem when it comes to identity theft, Philippines is not exempted as we already have few cases here in the Philippines, starting with mobile phone companies.

And believe me.. Some really do disclose their information..

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