Wednesday, May 18, 2011

confused and lost

No, I’ve known I’m gay since way back when; I’m confused of what’s going on; work-wise that is.

My current manager was “promoted” to Cebu as a Team Lead (a "manager" of 3 managers) and they left an opening for her position as a manager. Right now, we have my friend-colleague as an acting manager and everyone actually is happy about him being one. When they started the application process, we were confident that he will be the one promoted because he’s good with the process and managing people; basically “perfect” for the position. We then learned that another manager was given for the position; another person to get along to, another new person, another person to know.

The transition of what’s happening lately made some of my colleagues discouraged and already gave an idea that they're resigning, one of which already did. “Female Current manager” started off as someone we look up to, we were friends with, cool to be with and all that jazz, but later on, we learned she’s not all that good; she’s actually someone you’d want to kill (I’m just glad she’s quite unacquainted when it comes to these kind of blogsites so I’m sure she won’t know about this.) We learned she’s a back fighter, gossip mongrel and plastic. Good thing we also have our “stupid” colleague who keeps on sharing things to us what she’s saying behind our back. Good thing we KNOW how to deal with these kind of people, we know how to “act” in front of her and we know how to “dance” with her too, it just so sad that our professional, and career lives were affected. “Acting manager-friend” should’ve been promoted, but he wasn’t so everyone was gloomy; we’re just waiting for her to leave next week and that’s it.

Sometimes I wonder; if I accepted the offer my friend gave me last year from another reputable company offering bigger salary, day-shift, office work, and all, and left them, would I be happier? I’m trying to fight off the feeling of regret of not resigning and I’m trying to talk myself out of it because I’ve experienced lots of opportunities here, opportunities that if you look positively, are actually something valuable.The Libra in me again; debating with myself again.

Next week, after the new manager joins us, I was chosen to train her; one on one. I would be off the phones, again, honing my training skills, and will be closer to my new manager. Negativity-wise, again, I will be used by my company, no extra pay as a trainer, and I have to “adjust” my schedule from my “perfect” schedule right now.

This just came in (as in right now), we have a internal job fair where we will have an exhibit per department in showing them what we do and two of my colleagues were asked to come in at 5pm (one is just going home at 9:30am) and fix the dedicated booth for us until 9pm, rest for 1 hour, do calls for 4 more hours and stay at the booth for 4 more hours. That’s so bull.
We just can’t wait for her to leave….

I’ll say again…

Wuuuuuusa!!! Happy Thoughts….

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