Monday, April 19, 2010

Casual conversations, Bed Time Stories GP

Sunday night, rather midnight, err.. mid morning, after a “stressful” day, of shopping, mass, groceries, pigging out, fixing ala tech support his PC, router and my new laptop, we went to bed for our Mon-day. It was around 3am, cold mid morning, sleeping together the night away. Suddenly, the door opened and there was this huge guy tiptoed on his way nearing our bed. I can’t move!? Fear?! I’ve always overcome my fear, but why can’t I effin' move!? He got his hands into husband’s iPhone, what the hell is that iPhone doing near our feet?! Husband ALWAYS put his iPhone under his pillows!! He got his hands on the iPhone as my heart started beating faster, I shook him; No reaction, I tried to scream, it was hard, no sound, no words; still shaking him up and after a couple of attempts, it worked! He woke up, sat up and shooed him away, the guy left, and he went back to sleep.


I can’t believe he just shooed him away and went back to sleep!? Seriously!? I can still feel my
heart beating so fast, and that’s it, with all my might, I tried to scream, there are a couple of moans that left my mouth (moans of fear! Seriously?!), then, after a couple of seconds, he shook me.

I woke up...

Upset, he told me why I was so noisy and to keep quiet.

Can I say sorry that I’m having nightmares!? He just kept quiet, guilty, and make-up-hugged me.

I was crazy enough, because of the stress that day, (and because the gay couple Kuya vinz and Kuya Egay, and my churchmates at MCC advised me to be more understanding.), I just let it pass, I just joked about it and told him what happened, and we slept...

Now, the hug got a bit tighter and warmer.


  1. The best part was the hug. Sarap. Relax ka lang. You might be thinking too much. Like me. Ehehe.

  2. Sweet...Idol na talaga kita...kaya lang, hug lang? hehe

  3. i wish i have someone to hug me whenever i have nightmares..but then i could not remember having them when i have a partner..hmmmm.
    ..and i am having sweet dreams that i still vividly remember after i woke up. must be the wall of pillows that protect me. thanks to our guardian angels too. =)

  4. @Felipe, kinda, stress sa school... tapos night shift pa, kaya medyo daming iniisip.

    @JR, thanks. hehehe.. sayang noh? GP lang, hindi nag R-18. nyahahaha!!!

    @paci, in time there will be that someone, whethere its nightmare or dreams, will hug you through the night... in time...

  5. @Mr. Brightside, okay lang yan, dadating din yung point na kikiligin ka din.. HE's just cooking the best guy for you... okie?

  6. kelan kaya me ha hug din saken pag nagka nightmares ako? bwaahahha :P

  7. Hugs are best served when in a cold environ. Aw...

  8. @SOLTERO, meron yan, as long as patutulugin mo sila sa tabi mo pagkatapos ng boom boom pow...

    @Guyrony, yeah i agree, kiss sabay hug... lol...