Friday, April 9, 2010

Casual Conversations; Work Edition

I'm working with a very close team since we're working on a 10 man team, plus we're the only ones in our area, so we talk about EVERYTHING...

and yes, most especially about sex.

Supervisor: Vondraye how often do you boom boom pow? (yes, they ask those kind of questions casually, just like asking if you have a pen) *Mimi, my gay colleague butt in, and said.

Mimi: Lots of time! Look at his neck it now has 6-pack abs!


  1. LMAO!!! OMFG..what the...what's up with all of you guys?? ang gagaling nyo talaga..IDOL! nice one Idol Von, you made my day ;-)

  2. When did having six-pack abs (which i don't have) equate to having sex (which i have occasionally) lots of time...hehe

  3. @JR, thanks, hehehehe.. nice to make your day...

    @Mr. Brightside, its not my stomach; its my neck got six pack abs... hahha!!!

    @imnotsoconio, i know right?!

  4. I feel so stale and boring, when compared to what you guys go through. Laugh-trip ang officemates mo. :)

  5. @red the mod, lol, di naman siguro, it just so happen na may team akong naulanan ng kabastusan.