Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mag twitter kayo! Magmememe ako!

First, I admit the concept of twitter of microblogging interests me, since you can post short notices and let everyone knows about that; of those who follow you or not.

Unlike blogging, microblogging is more used with updating people of what you're doing right now.

Due to my short term memory loss, I need a "program" to where I can post these "reminders" for the day. However, certain lots of sites are blocked, of course, since its more of personal use. Twitter, together with Facebook are known to be social networking, personal page sites, and one of those categories that gets blocked.

Plus, I don't go with the bandwagon; I don't have a personal facebook account just because everybody has one, I actually have a semi account with hubby just because one of our professors asked us to have one explaining we're communicators and should have access to all means of media...blah blah... Still, I'm not into those things just because. I'm still loyal to MULTIPLY, and of course, my "other" sites... nyehehehe!! (Evil laugh)

I was browsing some things and stumbled upon the yahoo site, I was able to find a convenient, (almost same as twitter) way of micro blogging; their version called Meme.

I'm not asking you guys to open one, of follow me, just letting you know that Vondraye IS and can be found in Meme.

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