Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Casual Conversations; Work Edition- Laugh Trip

It's Wednesday and we've already finished the job for the day, no more files to work on, still waiting for work to show up in our screen... None.

Then these came in. Laugh Trip in less than 30 minutes.

Scene 1

They were talking about things, and one of which, is one of my Girl Officemate 01's dream; piggery. Yes, that's the only reason why she's working right now, to save up for a piggery. She already has an idea on how it works, and amazed in awe, some of our colleagues asked her.

Guy Colleague: So how long before you get your earnings?
Girl Officemate 01: (Long Explanation)
Guy Colleague 01: If that doesn't include this and that and those.... How long before you get your earnings?
Girl Officemate 01: (Same Long Explanation again)
Guy Colleague 01: Okay, but what if.... (I'm not able to listen to his question anymore).
Girl Officemate 01: *Scrathes her hair irritated* Hay nako, P&!%^*NG INA! Kanina pako dito nagpapaliwanag, ayoko na!? (Mother F*KCer ! I've already explained it to you, I don't want to explain anymore!)

Everybody laughed; one, her curse was loud enough, two, everybody felt HER sincerity.

Scene 2

Guy Colleague 03: Gay Colleague 01, I have a knock knock joke...
Gay Colleague 01: Okay! Knock knock!
Everybody: Laughs.

Sigh, I love my colleagues.


  1. me too masarap mag work if you're having a good time too,no matter how busy a day would be,ang reward nalang e un fun with co worker.

  2. i love knock knock jokes.... but this one's priceless.... bwahaha

  3. @Mac Callister, I wonder what fun you're talking about... *grins* nyahahha!!

    @YJ, I know right?! and in fairness, proud pa sya with taas noo itanong ang "Okay, knock knock?!"

  4. ang kulit nung knock knock. actually, may phd yan si YJ diyan. manghingi ka. hehe

  5. @citybuoy, knock knock jokes aren't for me; green jokes are... nyahahah!!! thanks for the tip tho!