Thursday, April 1, 2010

Casual Conversations; Holy Week Edition with Husband

Yesterday morning, in celebration of Holy Week, I decided to go home and spend my morning breakfast with husband. We first went to Mercury to buy some loaf of wheat bread for my “penance” this holy week; tuna sandwich diet. We bought a couple of noodles and went home, we enjoyed our noodles and banana cue cooked my our landlady downstairs and watched Naruto.

We were smiling while eating since it felt so homey that day. Breakfast beside each other, watching the latest Naruto Shippuden episode in front of his newly bought 32” LCD TV; it was heaven.

There are times when I brush my teeth, and then eat since after eating, I sleep right away. I know it’s kinda stupid,but I got me doing that years now. Then, I was cuddling him and teasing him and pretend kissing him, then suddenly he laughed; like a kid.

I was curious what made him laugh, was it my newly brushed teeth? something in my face? the smell of fresh breath? I did it again and he giggled like a kid again.

I asked him why and he can’t stop giggling, after a while, he calmed down, still a smile in his face, and said:

“Yung hininga mo amoy tuta naming nung bata kami!”
(Your breath smells like puppies when we were kids!)

I thought it was finished, but wait there’s more!

“Amoy santol! Amoy hininga talaga ng tuta! Awww!! Naalala ko tuloy yung mga tuta namin!”
(Smells like “santol”! Your breath really smells like our childhood puppies! Awww. I miss our puppies.. )

I was like… ... … … OKAY!?

Since we missed each other like that, I didn’t get mad, just gave him a raised eyebrows, and breathe in his nose again. He giggled some more. We finished our food, prepare for bed and went to cuddle some more and went to sleep, as usual , holding hands.

While he was sleeping, I looked at him with an evil eyes, and I told my self; memo to me: blog this tonight.

So here it is.


  1. Sweeeeeetttttt!...parang gusto ko na mag-asawa..pwede rin ako kabit mo nyahaha..nice post!

  2. thanks JR! hahaha! Baliw! pero.... wahahaha!!

  3. i think puppies are really mabango :) very sweet.

  4. @arkin, they are actually, but if someone/somebody, especially if he's your hubby tells you your breath smells like puppies, not sweeT! hehehe

    thanks for the visit!

  5. hi von. first time to comment on your blog. sana pala ni-kiss mo sya nung sinabi nya un sau. hehe...