Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dream on a Tuesday Afternoon

Dream on a Tuesday Afternoon

I’m fond of dreams.

I hate it when I don’t get the chance to write it down, because they’re so amusing.
Last night (DAY), I slept well and deep enough that I just remembered the last dream.

My first dream was kinda blurry since scenes just keep on popping on and off my head. And also, I would like to give a head’s up that this is kinda an R-18 dream, there’s some, uh.. Explicit? Scenes in my dream. Hehe.

If you want a whole some one, go jump to my dream #2.

Dream # 1.
All I can remember is that I was in a house and there appears to have celebrity guests there. Osang was there (probably because I was reading on the Osang-Showtime issue before I slept), and what made me smile was Toffee Calma was there, Toffee looks like one of my ex’s, and this time, he’s in front of me (LITERALLY in my dreams!), hunky,cutie and all that jazz!

Then, he went up to a room in front of mine and took off his clothes, and just had a towel wrapped around him; topless. He was talking/asking me something, but I can’t make it out (I’d rather make out with him!) lol. Then, he went downstairs and left the door open and I went inside, took a tour around and for some reason, I smelled his clothes. All I can remember was I was smiling like a kid! Haha! Yep, I guess in my dream, it smells so good that I was giggling like a small girl.

Then, I went downstairs to check on some other things while he took a bath, and yes, I didn’t follow him! What happened downstairs was rather, more eccentric/ more explicit. The people were watching a noon show concert where the hunky guitarist was stripping down to his jeans and played with his tool and later, jacked it off until he released lots… and I mean lots of his man juice! He was gifted enough, that even if it was on television, it’s like the size of the guitar he’s holding already! Then I woke up.

Dream #2.
A blonde girl and a brunette guy and I are friends. We were travelling in a countryside and stopped in a Cliffside because there were monsters that digs up holes and travel by underground, just like those in the movie tremors (*I hate my dream! NO originality! Lol).

Then, there’s this school bus that also stopped so that we’ll all be quiet for them not to attack, however, there’s this little stupid girl who went down the road and made crazy noises. What do you expect? She got eaten, and three more came and this time, my blonde girl-friend went up and asked for their leader, she then surrendered herself to be part of the monster clan, and our brunette boy friend as well! And in return, the leader will let the others go.

Next scene was we got back to the city and they were all surprised that we were still alive, and they didn’t know what happened. All I can remember is that when we got back to school (unfamiliar to me, those schools that look likes the one in the states) and for some reason, we have this club room that we keep to ourselves.

Interesting enough, the brunette guy was given powers to transform, he then then transformed into an octopus and my blonde girl friend was given powers to fly and me, I don’t know my powers but it worked like a ninja thing, that I’m able to tumble jump and back flip effortlessly. The dream ended with a shot outside the room and all you can see are our shadows playing basketball. -End-

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