Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random thoughts; A welcome for 2010

Random thoughts; A welcome for 2010

* Problem with procastination; the blog before this one was made December 29; i just posted it today. I still have several unfinished blogs spread all over my pc at home, here at work and somewhere in my brain; and dreams. I'm still looking for a medicine for that. I just hope everything has a deadline and either a grade or salary that would "drive" me to do things, because Cramming is one of my medicine for that. For some reason, my brain works like Popeye + Spinach if the assignment/work is due the next day. It's been working like that for years, and it started during my college days. I would ace my reports and written projects if its due the next day and wouldn't sleep for the whole 24 hours to complete it, and won't get sleepy. Last year, I was able to do a 48 hours no sleep; after my thursday shift, I finished my report for Saturday class with my Masters, and an exam in the afternoon as well!

*Type-ative; I'm talkative in person; moreso in blogs. If you could've seen my old blogs, in my livejournal, you would see long... long... entries of blogs. especially during those times when i was having my intership since i've nothing much to do. I would post whole album lyrics and all, looking back i feel stupid and asking myself (or old self) why do i have to post such things!? Yesterday, while doing my report, to unstress myself, I cross-posted my blogs here to my multiply and livejournal account. I was laughing inside and can't imagine how childish I wrote when I was in college!

*Save UP; nope, not that university; I'm not powerful enough. I mean is I really need to save money; big time. Good thing there's Kojie to help me out with my savings! Now, I'm on an allowance basis! Just like a kid! Hahaha!! Hopefully will be abe to reach 6 digit by the end of the year. Hehehe. For those who would like to ask how? one of the things I do is to "collect" coins and/or bills. How? Whenever I get a shiny coin, or a 10 peso coin, I don't use them, and it goes straight to my coin bank. That too goes for my new paper bills and 200php bills. Right now, it's close to 20k! Whew! I just hope I won't have any "emergencies" to use it.

*Journal! One of my God-given gifts, weird if I may add is my short term memory loss for general memories; meaning for everything! However, for some reason there are times I'm able to remember when you wore the clothes and how many times you already wore them. I'm fond of re-reading old journal posts and journal entries, I've been keeping journals since I was in high school and until now, it was just last year that I'm not able to update my journal since I was hell busy with my work out. That's why I just bought yesterday my new journal! And just like how the sing goes from Fall Out Boy; "Thanks for the Memories."

*Bigg-er? Healthi-err body? Yep, after this semester, I want to go back to serious work out and yoga, I'm still trying to weigh the possibilities becuase my classmates are taking the summer classes as well; to graduate asap. However, due to my schedule, it's not quite managable, plus health is suffering due to 48-hours-awake during thursday-friday-saturdays every week.

*Give some lovin'! With our new abode on its way, almost everything is coming to place! My bestfriend's little angel is on it's way as well, and even if work is not that 100% perfect, God is still good to me/ or to us! So more for HIM!

*(pictures to follow up!)

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