Monday, January 25, 2010

What if my body can talk to me?

“He/it slept the whole day sat night,sunday and monday, at ngayon inaantok pa din
and now, he/it’s still sleepy! My gosh!)”

NOTE: He/It pertains to my body.

Okay, I can probably ask for an apology from him/it, let’s name my body; “Body.”

Okay, I admit I haven’t been good to Body since my college days, making him stay up late,
and lack sleep, and make him eat unhealthy food. When I was in my 3rd and 4th year, I told
myself I’ll be living a healthier life during my working days since I have the money to make him
eat healthy food. Right now, my diet is not perfect, but at least he’s eating healthier than

However, this semester, I never expected that I’ll be stressed out than ever. I was able to go to
school before and be awake for 24 hours. Now, I pushed my limit and Thursday night, I have
my shift until Friday morning, Friday morning, after my “dinner,” I then finished my report for
my Saturday class. That’s up until Friday in the afternoon, and then prepare for my Friday shift. My Friday shift ends at 6am and then, I rush to PUP-Graduate School, in Sta. Mesa for my class; 3 subjects for the day. First class- information and Communication Technology, reporting. Second subject- lecture and exam. Third subject- lecture. After that, my classmates and I went to Cubao since I need to buy a cake for Jeff’s mom at bread Talk, then, MRT travel to Makati, and ride the bus in Buendia en route to San Pablo City, Laguna. That’s non stop.

How was I able to survive this? Enervon Ion, revicon Max, and tons of coffee! Oh, not to
mention, drinking lots of water to keep you hydrated, eating more in smaller intervals, and lots of shaking of heads. In addition to that, my professor, a head of the Arts and Culture and Theatre thingie, have this thing where good looking high school/college guys visit him every now and then; it helped too.

When I arrived at their place, I was dead hungry, tired and haggard! I ate like there’s no tomorrow and didn’t get the chance to remove my pants and slept while my bf carried me and arranged me to bed. I woke up around 9am and went down for breakfast, it was heaven! I really like Tita Madel’s home cooking since you can feel the love and care in her cooking. Sunday afternoon, we went back to Makati and we thought that the 2 hour travel will enable our body to rest and at least let us attend the evening mass; or so we thought. When we reached our humble abode, we were dead sleepy. LITERALLY changed our clothes, washed our face and slept dead!

As I am typing this entry, I just regained my strength since half of the shift I was sleepy and was sleeping in “vacant” times. I was talking to my friend and we were wondering, what if my body can talk to me and say what they feel. She said this is what Body will tell me.

Yeah, I guess I’ve abused my body too much; big time. Have I told you I’ve already done this 3
times already? Yes, 3 Thursdays to Saturdays awake, that’s why I think Body is currently upset.

I just hope after my masters I can make it up to him since I’m still working out and will be
going back to yoga this summer.

Can I say sorry?

Pwede naman mag sorry di ba? (I can say sorry right?)


  1. well nothing beats a very very looooong sleep

    it's my first time here cheers!

    btw if you wanna help the Haitians in rebuilding their community you can check here, you can download the music for free and you can donate any amount of money after :) let's help cheers!

  2. Naku... Don't stress yourself too much.
    Ain't worth it.


  3. @Nash, yeah i looove long sleep! Especially from a very looong work...

    @m2mtripper, yeah, I know, hanggang march na lang naman. ehehehe.. thanks for dropping by! i really appreciate it!

  4. wow just wow!ur such a superman haha,u need to stop abusing ur body na,have some rest u know..