Monday, January 11, 2010

Replay by Iyaz Happyslip's Version

This is truly a curse! The song LITERALLY IS replaying in my head!

I haven't heard the original version but Christine Gambito's aka Happyslip's version is making me crazy! I can't work if there's no lyrics in my computer!

I just have to sing it!

I already downloaded it as FLV, converted it to AVI, so that Zoden (my player) will be able to play it!

Then, right now, I'm converting it to MP3?!?


Anyway, sorry if I'll be the one to introduce this to you guys...

I jut have to post this...

Hope you like this!

Song Lyrics | REPLAY lyrics Iyaz


Some people thought that Christine wasn't the one playing the guitar, I posted this other vlog of hers, and watch how SHE answers to those who comments... hahaha!!

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