Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Thoughts

I can still recall how Tish, my old trainer from my work say "happy thoughts tish, happy thoughts..." whenever there's something bad going on.

Every now and then, I'll do the same whenever I'm in a bad mood, bad situation or it just ain't right.

I get to be more patient and be happier than the usual, because "the secret," works for me.

Until now, i'm still thinking of those happy thoughts, (and remind me to think of happy thoughts,by saying "happy thoughts mark") and would like to share them with you guys.

One of the things I learned to quickly "shake off" the bad feeling is to think of your favorite song, like your super duper uber favorite song. Right now my top 1 is defying gravity from the series glee. I downloaded the rachel and kurt duo, kurt solo and rachel solo versions. then comes "star ng pasko" of the ABS CBN Christmas plug, special someone gets mad because he thinks I'm thinking of piolo,rather than the song(I crush Piolo). *sniggers* A couple of Naruto opening and closing theme, Kaze's rain, and Ate mari's Worlds collide. happy thoughts.

Next is I have this handy dandy mp3/video player creative zen, which I call Zoden. I downloaded funny videos like K Brosas' version of regine velasquez' tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka, oprah's kick off party at chicago (just watch the video and you'll know why, check it at my multiply account ( Not to mention Happyslip of youtube, did i mention she's a filipina? Check her videos out! i watch these videos to make my day/moment happy. happy thoughts.

If you have a special someone, think of the blooper moments you have with him. When he's making funny faces, when he said something wrong, any moments that you have together that made you smile or laugh..

big time!

Pugad Baboy or Bob Ong; need I say more? Happy thoughts.

Happy thoughts are just like vitamins; you need to take them everyday so I suggest surround yourself with positive and happy people!

Happiness is like a disease; smile and others will follow. So smile to your friends! Better yet, hug them! you have no idea how a hug means to someone.

However, there are exceptions to this. If you're surrounded by not-so negative people; maybe you're there to help them out. Maybe you're the cure/disease they need to uplift them! So be positive! and spread the happy thoughtS!

happy thoughts guys!


  1. happy thoughts for me means spongebob.

    tish is right, we are what we are thinking. =) cheers!

  2. thanks for sharing dabo!
    hahaha! spongebob,nice one.

  3. happy thoughts... being positive lightens up not just ourselves but people around us. =P

  4. hmmm,from now on im going to think "happy thoughts" if im being sad

  5. @Prince Cloud, that's true!

    @Mac Callister, haha!! sana nga pwede kang maging hindi ikaw para pag binasa mo blog mo matutuwa ka!