Friday, March 5, 2010

Best bride’s maidman

Because she’s in Baguio right now…

Yun pala feeling… (So that’s how it feels like..)
*Zhe finished product! (No, not the cake, the newlyweds!)

Sheenah, my ex gelpren turned brestpren just got married last February 28, 2010 2pm at Café Makiling at Los Banos, Laguna. I had a class the day before and since I came from my Friday shift, being awake for 24 hours, I have the rights to get at least 8 hours of sleep last Saturday night. I was awakened by husband Sunday morning to prepare for the wedding, however, since we’re living in the Philippines and specifically in Makati; for some odd reason; it was brown out. Hailing from Laguna, we were used to hot baths; even on summer, so I asked him to boil a pot of water. However, I didn’t get the chance to take a bath- the pot he used still stinks Paksiw from our landlady’s paksiw from last night. I don’t want to smell paksiw during her wedding. *TING!* I then got an idea; we went to Glorietta and went to uh.. “the competitor gym” to take a bath and since I was eyeing a polo shirt as well, I bought it on my way to the gym.

I left my mobile phone back in Makati, since I started the day rough. So when I came to the Café Makiling, she asked me if I received her text message, I told her I forgot my mobile phone and told me that I will be the best man, my chinito eyes widened, I smiled inside; because at the back of my mind, I was already expecting that. Okay, so I told husband (Jeff) to stand by and left him on one of the tables and went to talk to their pastor and asked what to do. Her sister was the bride’s maid, her dress was nice, and again, my chinito eyes widened, I smiled inside; because at the back of my mind, I wish I was wearing that dress.. Haha! Kiddin!

She invited of course, her family, her husband’s family their officemates and us, high school friends (and me the ex boyfriend turned gay! Haha!). It was romantic and simple in a hot afternoon, but we’re all happy. I am happy.

After the ceremony, it was lunch and I went to introduce husband to high school friends, and they finally got introduced. Jeff loves them and (I hope) they loved him as well. We enjoyed each other's company and I miss our bonding.

The plan was to continue eating the cake at their home, however, since Jeff’s mum was expecting us, we weren’t able to go with them.

To Sheenah and Dave, all the happiness in the World be with you!

Just remember, I’ll be and always be here…

Love you brestpren!

*The newly weds, and their bestman in the background trying to be goofy again.

*The Bride's Maid, the Wife, the Husband and the Bride's Maid wanna be aka Best GAY MAN.

Their uber cute wedding cake!

More pics here!


  1. my first and only ex-gf got married in january, we're friends but she didnt invite me to her wedding. she might have changed her mind if she knew i was gay :)

    thanks for following my blog!

  2. ang daming kinakasal lately and i cant help myself from thinking of my future too...

  3. @london boy, yeah, i've followed ur blog, AND listened to manilagayguy's podcast. ehehe.. am honored...

    @wanderingcommuter, you want to have a wife and kids too? or husband and kids?

  4. How Cute! :) i think you do deserve to be the bestman.. after all you shared a past together! :)

  5. I wanna get hitched as well! Any takers? Hahaha! Congrats on the wedding and to you as well! Yihee!!!

  6. @Dhon, thanks yeah, everything is cute that day, for some reason.

    @Mac Callister, sa lalake o sa babae? Hehehe..

    @Guyrony, wow, that's quick. Haha!! Thanks for the dropping by and the greeting!