Thursday, March 18, 2010

Casual Conversations; Movie Edition- Love of Siam

2 weeks ago, I stayed the whole week in the office (kojie vs vondraye mode) and so during my lunchtime I usually call him, but since we're not speaking; I just watched a couple of movies. Unknown to everyone, we actually call each other Tong and Mew because of the Love of Siam movie. He watched it (after I did) and fell in love with it. I watched it again so I could learn to cover up the anger with love (cheeesy!) So here goes my favourite parts of the movie.

Casual Conversation 1

Mew:If we can love someone so much, how will we be able to handle it the day when we are separated?and if being separated is a part of life,and you know about the separation that well, is it possible, tong, that we can love someone and never be afraid of losing them?

At the same time i was also wondering is it possible that we can live our entire life without loving anyone at all?

That's my Loneliness.

I have lived with it now for 5 years, I know just how bad loneliness feels. I fear it will continue to get worse.

Tong: Mew...


This is where Tong slept over Mew's place when they were grown up, too bad there weren't any jurjur moments. nyahahaha!! However, it was sweet and I appreciated the cinematography when Tong's mom was looking for him while Mew was talking about his lonliness.

Casual Conversation 2

Yin: It means "As long as you love, you will still have hope."
Mew: So are are you still hoping?
Yin: And should I hope?
Mew: Ying you are a good friend of mine...

This part is where I wanna go inside the screen and join the scene and scold Yin and shook her and say "haller!? Mew is one of us!? Duh?!" and tell Mew "and you heartbreaker!"

Casual Conversation 3

Mew: I'm not in the mood for singing anymore you wouldn't understand
Aex: Even though I may not understand, you are still my best friend, why do you always think that no one cares about you?

Another part where I want to enter the scene, and tell Mew "Oo na maganda ka na may Tong ka, pero tama na ang pagmomoda mo!" (Yes, you're beautiful because you have Tong, but stop acting like a star!)

Casual Conversation 4

Tong: Are you tired mom?
Sunee: of what?
Tong: Of everything.
Sunee: of course im tired what can i do? What about you how's everything?
Tong: Good I guess, I don't know it seems fine mom.
Sunee: Could you turn on the lights? Tong, can you help me put the ornaments on the tree?
Tong: Is this one good in here?
Sunee: Just put it around.
Tong: What about this one here instead mom?
Sunee: Just put it around.
Tong: What about the two of these together?
Sunee: Just put it around
Tong: Ok, what if I choose and you don't like it, will you get mad?
Sunee: Choose what you think is best for yourself.
Tong: Chooses guy ornament

This one is one of my favourite as well as this scene depicts the question if the mother is okay if her son chooses to be gay, and just like testing the waters, Tong still chose to be a guy; straight guy. This is when those gay stories ended up sad, but still good.

Almost everyone who watched this movie loved Mario Maurer aka Tong, but for me, for some reason, I like Aex better. I also like Yin for her strength and courage and her dedication for Mew, especially the 99 thornless roses, when she let go of Tong for Mew, when she comforted Tong when they were in a confrontation, when she got the "nose" part of the toy for Tong. I really think they should be together instead. I also love their OST, for some reason, their songs are really good (for me) since their songs are one of those sets that has been in my mp3 player since last year; never replaced never removed.

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  1. On CC4

    I think the director left this scene hanging. There was no confirmation of whether it means he chose the guy because he wants to be a guy or because he wants a guy. But to keep the cheesiness of the movie, I always think of the latter:D