Monday, March 22, 2010

what's better than make up sex? Make-uP SHOPPIng!

Yes, not known to everyone husband and I got into a mini microchip fight last week that forced me not to go home for a whole week, mother-in-law texting me, and most of my friends was worried; of course he was the most.

Anyway, I went back there last Saturday after my brother "kidnapped" me since we have "family emergency reunion"; apparently he just proposed to his 7, or 8-ish year girlfriend and they need to announce that back home at my hometown; Los BaƱos. Too bad brother's friend at Los banos slipped from his mouth and tsaraaan! Mom already knew about it.

Back to the topic, Last Sunday, after I went to the gym, we attended mass at Greenbelt and then spent the rest of the afternoon;shopping.

I have money handling problem so he serves as my financial adviser; allowance based, deciding on what I can and can't buy. Last Sunday, we were able to do our shopping since it was sale at Glorietta and SM and since there were lots of promotions that time, husband can't stop himself from buying a 32in LCD TV, with free DVD, and since they have a promotion on their Home Theatre System, (7k discount) plus another free DVD; he just have to buy one.

One of the highlight of that day is that he asked to visit Maldita to check some clothes; I'm not a fan of "high end" clothing, rather go to Ukay and get those unique clothes without having to worry that someone out there might actually have the same clothes you have. Anyway, one of the things I check or go through the clothes are those on sale. Apparently, they were selling this big longsleeve for only 250, I could just ask my mom's friend to alter it and presto! It's mine. Oh, I also hunt for those "unusual" designs.

*Not bad for a 250 worth of clothing.

*look at those smiles!

and the rest of the shopping list.

We then watched "The Box" after the tiresome shopping, was still hoping that I bought that pants, but moving on... I'm happy that I didn't encounter pathetic sales persons last night, everybody was well informed and won't kiss ass just to sell.

Then came Monday, was sick. Probably my body got shopping/sale allergy.


  1. Not bad at all..considering it's maldita

  2. Ikakasal na pala si... wow. Pakikiss para sa kin. LOL

  3. @Jinjuruks, yep, masaya kami, ang bank accounts namin hindi. hahaha!!

    @Dhon, yeah, i wanna shop some more, kaso mahirap nang i alter yung ibang damit. ehehe..

    @Tristan, yeah, last week of october, punta ka, ikaw pumigil sa kasal, sabihin mo may nakaraan kayo. hahaha!!!

  4. Anong LCD TV ang binili ni Jeff?

    Glad you're okay na :P