Thursday, March 11, 2010

Of procrastination and of projects; commercial from school mode

I’m still here in the office, an hour after my shift ended. During my shift, I was supposed to do my report since there weren’t too many stuff to do, however, “I” won’t work; with my report I mean. I was trying to do my report but it just paved way to think of ideas what to blog; about my grandmother, about work, etc. I don’t have the”creative” juice to do my report.

My project is actually chapter 1 of a thesis report, our professor just wants us to see if we learned something from the communication theories and models we discussed. Waiting for a laptop, verrrrrrrrrry slow computer at home, and a heated argument with husband doesn’t help at all.

Procrastination was and has been my problem since college, for some reason, even if I try working on my project days, weeks, or even months doesn’t work. My brain will just start “chug-chug chooo chooo” either the day before, hours before, and worse (last week) minutes before the deadline.
After doing the first part, my brain needs a chill, so blog hopped some sites and checked the news. For some reason, my brain needs to be pumped (*grins*) before it works. Now, I’ll get back to my report, will make my brain works smoothly as if I’m working someone in bed.


  1. good luck with ur report! haha i once read great minds need to warm up before they can come up with something really good. your procrastination is one big compliment! haha

  2. well if it makes you feel any better, I can't seem to start something unless the someone is already yelling for it :-)

  3. @Menthos, uhm, parang di ko kaya yan, pag sinigawan ako, nasa abs cbn and gma news na sya.....

    NANIGAW, hinulog sa ika 22 palapag ng gusali.