Thursday, March 11, 2010

taymferst... casual conversations; comment on blog edition

Need a breather from my report, I'm browsing the blogspot dashboard and found Sheenah's new post-Our Baby: Boy or Girl.

If you're too tired, too gay, too sleepy, too lazy, too *tooooot* to click on the link, she basically talks about her baby and betting whether the baby is a boy or a girl from the preggy signs.

She then formulated two names for her baby; Chad Cedric and Danah Louise, if its a boy or a girl respectively.

I just smiled with what I posted on her comment:

ayaw mo ng Phiper? or Leo? (from the hit tv series CHARMED; for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar)
Andrea or Jim?(the Corrs; my favorite band)
Naruto? Sakura? (obviously!)
Kurama? Mikaela? (Sige nga, tingnan natin mga anime freaks kung kilala nila...)
Pikachu? Charmander? (we both love Pokemon!)


However, I’d wish its a girl. tapos girl, tapos boy, tapos boy ulit, tapos twins na girl boy, tapos twins na girl girl then twins na boy boy….
i was thinking of quadruplets but im thinking kung pwede lahat ng combinations..


  1. nyahahaha. pikachu or charmander? hahaha. why not?! hahahaha.

    pero cute yung phiper or leo kahit na hindi ko masyadong napapanood yung charmed noon. :-)

  2. Lahat ng combinations.... hahaha.... parang tuta. LOL

  3. "i was thinking of quadruplets but im thinking kung pwede lahat ng combinations.."

    Haha napangiti ako dun ah.

  4. @ Looking for Vince, fave kasi namin yun. well actually sya, kasi ako si mew at mewtwo, syet, bumabalik ang pagka phd ko sa pokemon....

    @Felipe, ay, ganun? ginawang pet?

    @Menthos, sana nakapost ang picture ng ngiti mo, para mapangiti din ako. yiheeey!

  5. Siraulo ka talaga! Hahaha. O sige, you get to decide on my 2nd baby's 2nd name, that is if I get pregnant again!

    Leo is a fine name to match with my surname ha. Sige you get to name nga your 2nd inaanak from me! :P