Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's my first time not to sleep on a weekdaywith work. Well not no-sleep per se since I slept after my OT shift for 2 hours. Then, husband and I went to SM met around 10am to buy some groceries for my "penance;" tuna diet for the week and plastic boxes for the rest of my things to put in.

We're slowly removing "clutters" in our room, one, because the LCDTV is taking too much space and two, so that our move to our new abode is easier. We dismantled my computer and brought the 2 computer tables and one cabinet downstairs, and I thought, no wonder I feel claustrophobic whenever I'm in the room, now we have lots of space, my lips generated a smile, nose generated a feeling of relief, and my eyes not sore anymore. I then teased husband (don't ask how, its way too gross for you) and cornered him near the cabinet, then, from his movements trying to prevent me from getting near; the AVR fell from the top of the cabinet, trying to catch it, he got hurt.

You know how heavy an AVR is, you know how painful it is for the corner to hit your wrist. His facial expression for 3 seconds is enough for me to understand it's very painful. Here's the catch; for some reason, I find his "in pain" facial expressions funny, but this time, it's not.

I felt it; his pain, not physically but emotionally. I hugged him, I apologized, when we parted, I saw tears; its that painful. I asked him to sit down, I massaged it a bit, no more, I massaged it more and more and what hurts more? He told me if I was in his place, I would've walked out, packed my things and won't be speaking for him for a week. Partially true. I grew up in a house of anger, what can I do?

Anyway, while waiting for mom and dad, we laid down and the hum of tha A/C lulled him to sleep while still massaging his wrist. I really felt bad, I hurt the most wonderful person in front of me; and he didn't get mad.

After that, we were both back again, like two child hood sweethearts cuddling like kids. I turned on the water heater for my shower, I ought to stay a little longer in his arms. I tried to fight the urge; can't. I stayed a little longer...


  1. Ang sweet! When Dave and I are playing, I always end up hurting him pero he likes it more. Hmmm.

  2. Hey pooh and i feel the same way. btw thanks for support on fake profile

  3. Awww...such a cute post. mushy but it makes a lot of sense.

  4. @tigghtigz, no prob,glad to help, and thanks for dropping by!

    @Guyrony, thanks, am glad to make you feel mushy. ehehehe..