Saturday, May 22, 2010

Casual Conversations; Husband Edition-Laugh Trip

Kojie's mom went here to join us celebrate Kojie's birthday celebration today (tomorrow is his birthday). Tita Madz then went to EDC; Esprit's sister clothing company and was shopping for clothes. I've been here since around 7am since I don't want to sleep, and I can't sleep 'coz if I do; I won't wake up. So I was kinda hungry and my stomach is already grumbling.

Kojie keeps on teasing me, poking me, and all those child-like teasing that they do. I asked him to stop because its creating some kind of reaction in my stomach, and its hurting mo.

*image taken this morning at edc,
Kojie is getting impatient
while his mom tries
several blouses on.

Vondraye: "Tumigil ka na please? Please lang... May please na oh? please? Nagloloko na tyan ko, please tama na, okay please?" (Serious, upset, snobbish tone)

Kojie:" Huh? Bakit? Anong joke ng tyan mo?"


Seriously, its deadly corny, but my world turned upside down and laughed. He laughed at me LAUGHING hardly at his corny joke.

Maybe its because it was too corny, maybe because his cute smile, or maybe its just because I miss him....


  1. gumaganon!!! it's one of those little moments no? yaiy

  2. @monique, yep, it is, sayang nga yung iba nilang design gusto ko for guys,kaso wala...huhuhu...

    @citybuoy, hahah!! I know right!?