Thursday, May 13, 2010

Casual Conversations; Work Edition- MOVIES

Me and my colleagues were talking about movies and here are some of my colleague's bloopers.

Straight Colleague 1: P*%Ta nakakabad trip yung isang movie ni Jim Carey at si Ewan McGregor... yung gay movie nila?! yung I love you Marlboro!

Straight Colleague 2: Ano nga pala yung movie na tungkol sa Pearl Harbor?
Everyone: Eh di, Pearl Harbor!?

I included my colleague's pictures so you can imagine the people I talk to during those boring hours; just like now.

Question is, who am I among those? hehehe


  1. @imnotsoconio, mjomesa, haha! yeah, i realized it was that obvious, tsk

  2. lol.. hehe.. obvious nga..

    what i love about photoshop is that you can undo the edits and things.. ^_^


  3. nyahahahaha buti nga hindi I Love You Champion eh....

  4. @virex, hahahA! ganun?
    @YJ, nyahahah!! Oo nga naman,
    @red the mod, you caught that eh? I forgot I was wearing those... ehehe
    @Jaypee, thanks!