Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some things (Kinda wordy; Sorry) updated with PICS!

  • Red the Mod requested a review for the new Samsung N220. During the height of my hunt, I was actually eyeing for the Nokia laptop, since nobody is using that. However, I have to go through all that thingamajig to get that. I need it NOW. So we settle for a little less and finally came up to a decision to buy the Samsung Netbook. The sales clerk was amazing in explaining the features, and from the looks of it, it was pretty remarkable.

I chose the Samsung N220 over the N150 since the N220 works 12 hours vs the 8 hours of N150. It also has the added feature called Hyperspace, no this is not one of those Shaider thing, it’s when booting up, when you press F6, it will go to Hyperspace "Istant On", somewhat the Windows version of Samsung, so even if your Windows Crashed (from what the guy from Samsung explained) you’ll still be able to access Samsung Hyperspace, with almost all the features of Windows; Word, Internet, etc. Samsung also has a program for back up when it crashes, so it’s good. In terms of Service, they are able to provide service for the 1 year warranty but after that, it’s the service center; the service center for Samsung is located at Greenhils; fair enough. Since the netbook runs of 1 G RAM with 250 memory, I’m happy about that, but need to update that soon. I’m quite impatient with slow system. Windows 7 Starter was installed, and husband I talked about upgrading that to Windows 7, however, the guy explained that Starter is the only applicable OS for netbooks due to memory and system issues. (I won’t debate with that)
The netbook works fine, the keyboard is low profile, so it’s kinda easier to type on it, which I like since I’m quite a “typer.” It’s LED display is also useful especially during daytime, and in my case, my class, since it’s too bright in our classroom and since it’s not glass; it doesn’t reflect. The 12 hour promise was put on the test when I was on leave when I stayed on a cafĂ©; without electric plugs. Husband explained to me that WIFI works out your laptop, so I was able to utilize the full battery around 8 hours with WIFI, without music; fair enough. The adapter was so compact that I’m able to carry both in a small shoulder bag; blind from those mongrels around. Due to security risk, any gadget needs to be registered first in our security; which is a bit bothersome. Since the laptop was small enough, for some reason, they can’t manage to “inspect” it.

That’s about it, I hope I was able to answer some of your FAQ’s, if you have additional queries, you can shoot me an email!

  • Meanwhile, JR, posted a comment from my last entry, asking if I was busy; Yes I am, and after 2 more saturday classes. I'm!! Thanks btw for dropping a comment; it really meant a lot to me. Don’t worry, will be posting “something” interesting soon! Dedicated for you! P.s. I just read your reflection post; it’s not “walang kwenta.” You’re one of my top 10 bloggers I’m always looking forward to; seriously.
  • The last post I posted was April 23, 2010 with the formula to get a new netbook. Since then, I’ve been quite busy because summer classes are only 6 sessions. I just finished the first part of my report, done my research, and just polishing my campaign. I can’t believe we’ve done a PR Campaign in less than 2 months. The reason why I was quite busy was the inconsistent schedule change; I got upset since the original plan was having our class moved to April 30, Friday. It was perfect! I already filed a leave Thursday night shift. However, Wednesday, they gave us an update that the Saturday class will pursue. I was planning not to attend the class anymore but my classmates/friends were insistent; classmate/friendship won.

  • I was not able to leave early to attend my civic org’s swimming. It was a month long plan so that the oldies aka “Tanders” are able to attend, however, partly, I was blessed not to attend. Only 5 attended the swimming from the original 20ish. After my class, I then took a bus to Sta. Cruz Laguna,that was around 6pm, going to our headquarters “Bi El” (Bahay Laguna), located in Magdalena, Laguna, a couple minutes away from Liliw, Laguna. Yes, it’s that far. It was a weekend, so the line in the bus station was long enough, add traffic in Pansol, Calamba city for those who are having their weekend swimming; the travel was plain grueling. After I reached Sta. Cruz, Laguna, we were already used to ride taxicles (tricycles that you would rent on your own); last year, I can still remember paying 70 php for one trip, I was surprised that they’re asking 200 right now! I was able to find a cheaper one for 150php. Talk about bad-TRIP.
  • I reached mydestination; Bi El aka Bahay Laguna. You can check the pictures here at my Multiply account. I was surprised to see 5 of my friends, in front of the house, in an open area, under the moonlight, with beddings and all; they’re gonna sleep outside. It was actually nice to do something like that for a change, plus, it was hot inside. We waited for our former president,Ate Macris, ate late dinner and did what we like most; bonding. (I'm actually after a different kind of "bonding" though… nyahaha!!) It was really relaxing to catch up with these people. I didn’t sleep since I still have to go to husband’s place that morning, so I just did my report and done some improvements. I woke up Ate Mac, after an hour, since she still has work that morning. We left early morning.

  • I then went to San Pablo City, Laguna and arrived to hsuband’s place, husband washing our clothes and his mom cooking breakfast for us. Took a quick nap, tita woke me up for they will be coming with me, visiting my place for our town fiesta. It’s time to meet the parents; my parents. Nyahahaha!!! When she arrived, she immediately asked my mom if she can still remember her, and mom still does. (*Husband’s younger brother was my childhood bestfriend, and during lunch, both of our moms will visit us for our packed lunch). After we ate, took some pictures and went back to San Pablo, bought groceries and took a good night rest. So I guess it’s wedding next year! Hehe!

  • We’re back to our “old” building and I'm not happy about it. When I got transferred to a new department, we were quite sad because we were just 10 in our team in a whole new building, with other department. However, later we realized it was a blessing; we were able to surf the net, do our own thing (we’re able to eat inside the office, laugh our hearts out,talk about everything, etc), and we’re away from all the stress(ed)ful people of our original department! However, since our team was part of a bigger department, we were asked by our head boss to go back here at the old building. Last Monday was our first day. I chose my desk to be far away from everyone, near the corner. ALAS! Since we all have our extensions, I was transferred where my monitor was facing the public. Now I have to surf the net more discreetly. Pft.
  • I’m able to upgrade my work out plan and diet. Tuna sandwich, PB and J, popcorn (microwavable) and milk diet… ONLY. Yes, I’m only eating those I mentioned for the whole week for breakfast, break and lunch. I’m quite unhealthy during weekends, since during class, we’re already eating lunch and whatever was served; I EAT!
  • Right now, good thing it wasn’t that busy here at work, but I’m not able to do my assignment as well. I finished this blog entry and also my ebook here at work; Darren Shan’s Cirque Du Freak I’m already reading Book 9- Killers of the Dawn. Anyway, that’s it for now, I’ll try to upload some pics later/sooner. Sorry for not updating that much guys…


  1. ayiii! i've been looking for a samsung netbook too! coolness!!! :D

  2. Yeah, it is! but it would be much cooler to upgrade it to 2G RAM! Hehehehe..

  3. Thanks for doing the requested review. I was curious since the model you have is currently plastered on a billboard here at Boni. I'm still saving up for my own laptop, as I plan to take review classes for the boards next year. I'm actually eyeing an Asus for power. So I can still do graphics and freelance work. I guess its not really a netbook I want, but rather a compact and mobile workstation. Oh and wifi of course, so I can blog and read on the go.

    One of my longtime closest friends hails from San Pablo, Laguna. I have fond memories of hanging out at their house once a month. And how their family, and my high school tropa, was so accepting of my quirky eccentric ways.

    I've been in a slump recently. Its like blogging has become such a struggle. Because things tend to be too personal. Hopefully my muses find my tranquility this arid month of May.

  4. Whew! ang haba haba mo idol Von - bumawi ka ah!..akala ko iniwan mo na ako ere huwaaaaaa! Ang arte lang hahaha..but it was nice that you are doing well.

    I am honored to be part of your top 10 :-) kasi top talaga ako eh hahaha

  5. Whoever said Win7 Ultimate isn't for netbooks? Just add 1 more GB RAM and you're good to go for the 7 Ultimate. Pero I'd rather suggest the starter or the Home since Ultimate has A LOT of unnecessary files.

    Anyway, good choice :D 12-cell battery is the bomb! Would you believe that my 15.4" Vaio runs on 3-cell? Shees. :P

  6. @Red the mod, sorry, i have bad, excruciating, frustrating traumatic experience with ASUS, so he's banned for life!

    Yeah, for some reason, there's ALWAYS that someone who knows someone from San Pablo city, Laguna.

    Blogging has become such a struggle ->> I know right?!

    @JR, Mas mahaba yung sayo JR, haha!! Ikaw iiwan ko sa ere? Nahhh.. Ikaw pa, malakas ka sakin... Hehehe...

    @Sheenah, well, the guy from SAmsung just mentioned I think Win7 Home, sana nga may Win7 LB, nyahaha!! still walang laban si D'SChaun kay Vaionah! heehehe