Friday, May 7, 2010

Casual Conversations; i-shoes issues Edition

I already told you guys, I'm not fond of shoes.

Within the week, husband told me that there was a Nike sale at Planet Sports Store, so before we watched Ironman 2, we window shopped around Glorietta for the sought after shoe sale. As usual, he's the one who became __ years younger and like a kid at Toy Kingdom, he roamed around checking the shoes. I saw a sample shoe at the pool of shoes and it really caught my attention, I don't know what you call my taste, but I want "eye catching" weird designs, and so I want to click the blue link "Like" under it. Hehehe...

My eyes glistened with GLEE! (just like the episode 14! hehehe), and husband was happy that I was able to"like" this shoe. When we turned it around....

*Insert murder background music here...

It's a Velcro-like whatever on the other side, and we both gasped with what we saw. There's no way I'll be wearing that shoe! Syet, and I thought; we thought I will have new pair of shoes that day, but no....

I just have this blog entry.


  1. what is the velcro for? that design is ewwness nga

  2. awts... ok na sana weh... pagdikitin mo nalang lagi yung dalawang paa mo, para inde makita yung kabilang side... ehehe

  3. @Yj, I knw right?!

    @imnotsoconio, the velcro? I have noooooooooo freakin idea...

    @Virex, hahha!! so pag gagamitin ko, tatalon talon ako para di makita ang velcro!