Thursday, May 27, 2010

Casual Conversations; Work Edition; Laugh Trip

I'm still that straight looking guy at the office, polo shirt, slacks, walks like a guy that kind and all. I tend to speak flambouyant at times, but there are also times that I talk and sound like a real guy, thus the confusion with some ladies thinking I like them. TSE!

However, during work, we do a couple of call outs to our clients and at times, I do sound like a real man; deep voiced and all.

That's why...

Straight Colleague 1: Kaya mo ba yung katulad ng boses ni mark? Yung parang lalake? Yung mababa? (Can you mimic Mark’s voice? Like true straight guy? Deep voice?)

Gay Colleague 1: Ayoko, masakit sa lalamunan… (I don’t want, it hurts my throat)