Monday, May 24, 2010

Casual conversations; Work Edition; Laugh Trip

My colleague is getting married in a couple of weeks; literally.

Story 1:
My colleague-soon-to-be-wed brought the wedding invitation for the team, it was actually nice for an inexpensive price. However, while we were browsing the invitation, I was surprised to see at the last page, patches of “corrections” covering the incorrect time and dates. One reads: Registration will be open at 2:30 in the afternoon. The party starts at 3:00 in the evening. So don’t be late your presence is crucial, because it just won’t be the same without a special guest like you…”

Story 2:
My supervisor is also getting married by the end of the year, and she chose some of us as her ushers. While reading my colleagues invitation, they went to the RSVP part and said,

Supervisor: Employee 1, I’ll assign you to be in charge of contacting my visitors and informing them RSVP.
Employee 1: What’s RSVP?
Supervisor: (Looking for words) You know, that they need to respond…
Employee1: Like “In case of emergency?”

Epic fail.


  1. the last one made me laugh so hard so early in the morning. haha! :)

  2. ang kulit nyan ah. respondez s'il vouz plait.

  3. hahahaha!


    mga adik lang eh noh?!

  4. hahaha - WTF - bloopers mga co-workers mo idol!

  5. new here!!

    at binasa ko tlga mga previous posts mo, hehe..

    ka-inspire kau ng partner mo..god bless u both!

  6. in fairness... may point siya.... :)

  7. @Aris, don't worry, my whole team laughed with you... as in laughtrip talaga kami dito...

    @imnotsoconio, I know right!? Hehehe

    @Jinjurukz, kailangan magpasaya, wala na kami sa masayang building, huhuhu... :P

    @Rajsh, I know righT!? I love my adik team! -adik rep- hehehehehe

    @Jr, naku, kaya nga pag may blooper,post agad ako, dahil ang mga bloopers ng team ko; PRICELESS.

    @Desole Boy, thanks for visiting! thanks for the greeting! God bless you too!

    @Yj, hahaha!! :D