Thursday, May 27, 2010

Habeebbeerdae Husband!

I was typing “this” post last Tuesday, from another PC (*another story, but to make the long story short; I got caught “typing” a blog entry before so I can’t post more than the usual like before), and I for got to save it. It was my 14th hour work; I OT-ied myself until 10am; my work starts 8pm.

On with the story, I am posting my post birthday weekend blast with husband, and it was rather peculiar since “nothing” surprising to share, but still worth to share.
After my last day’s shift, I was supposed to meet husband’s mom; Tita Madel at Megamall, we arranged that I’ll be waiting for her since I out earlier from work than husband; I finished at 5am and they suggested I sleep first. I declined; because once I get to sleep, good luck waking me up. I just decided to find a store that was open that early and found myself hanging around McDo at Megamall, good thing their WIFI was up and running that time.
I waited for husband and tita at Mcdo, it was rather, unpleasant morning since there were lots of jejemons and emo punks around the seat I took; wearing black and all. Apparently, there was an autograph signing at Oddysey of a band that I don’t know where the hell they came from,. The door opened, and they went screaming like it’s the end of the world. I hope it was for them, call me mean, but if I’ll get a hold of that Deathnote; I’ll start with Jejemons and those emo punks.
On with the story.
We then waited for tita and when she arrived, the Nokia booth said hello and since her phone gave up on her; hello new phone! She then went to EDC (sister company by ESPRIT) and bought some new clothes, while trying on several clothes, Kojie and I tried on several attempts to get a nice shot from the fitting room, but I’m not 100% confident it was good since I look haggard; I ended up taking our pictures with shades on. More pics here.

*Tita, hubby and me.

*Waiting for tita try out her wardrobes.

We were so hungry that time, that we ate at Cabalen, and tried their eat all you can, we were so full, and continued walking around, his mom continued shopping for a couple of essentials, and it was fun making the sales ladies talk about us; 2 guys walking around, lady in front, two guys HOLDING HANDS. We kept being mushy and from my peripheral vision, sales ladies kept on whispering to each other, and pointing at us. Haha!!! I wanna take a picture of their faces, priceless! When tita was about to try some clothes on, we were talking and these 3 ladies lined up in front of her on the other side, they were about to take her place and the lady managing the line asked who was next, I loudly told her its tita, I saw the third fat lady, who seems to be buying the cheapest blouse that was available, do some facial expressions, Husband then came into the scene and asked in a loud voice, “may naningit ba?” They all looked behind and saw him towering at them, and shut up. Haha!! Don’t mess up with two tall GAY guys! It was really a funny scene and tita was walking like a queen with two prince behind him. Haha!We ended the day and I then went straight to the office for my Rest day OT, while tita went home to San Pablo City,Laguna.*Hubby, a techie boy, teaching his mom explore her new phone.

Sunday, I went home and slept, woke up around brunch time, ate brunch with him at Chowking and went to prepare for our own date. Our original plan was to have dinner at Resorts World for their famous (at least for my workplace) buffet meal, however, since he was sleepy, we ended up eating at Wendys, it was fun because sitting beside us were 2 boxes of newly bought rubber shoes. We attended the mass at Greenbelt chapel, before…

*My birthday gift to him; I let him buy me a new pair of shoes, the white Nike one.

Remember I shoes issues? Here’s my birthday gift to him; I agreed to let him buy me a new pair of shoes. I chose the most inexpensive one since he’ll be buying one for himself as well, so on his birthday; we both have new pair of shoes. That’s before watching Shrek –Happily Ever After. We ended the day and went home, it was indeed a fun and memorable; in many ways than one.

(Not to mention the catastrophe that happened in his facebook because of that.)
Short story: his Facebook became our couple account; 1 account with both of our names on it, my friends thought it was my birthday so there were lots of wallpost greeting ME; and he’ll reply “It’s not his birthday, his birthday is on ….)

Habeeeerday Husband!


  1. ang sweet naman :)

    happy birthday sa iyong hubby!

  2. happy birthday to him...yaiy

    and btw.... punks are so cute.... jejejejejeje

  3. @Anteros, thanks....

    Yj, may mga punks na binabagayan, pero itong mga ito eh yung kanto punks na grrrr!!

  4. Haaayyyy nagkalat ang langgam idol...hang sweeeeeeet! Parang gusto ko na mag-asawa...or pwede ba maging kabit mo na lang? di naman ako seloso hahaha

  5. @JR, hahaha!! ikaw hA!!! Thanks for dropping by!