Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Casual Conversations; Work Edition - BRIS


When I was in college, it was my dream to enter the College of Dev Comm at UPLB, my grades passed but I was not able to get in the cut off for the 1st semester. However, everything went to ashes when unknowingly, my mom found "ways" inside to get me to 1st sem, and guess what, she enrolled me to AgChem (Agricultural Chemsitry; 5 years, quota course). So there, I was not able to get into Dev Comm for my college.

Flash Forward

My colleague was a Devcomm student and was also a member of the Dev comm Soc, he said...

Colleague1: I hope you were a Dev Comm student and would be my bris.

I asked him again...

VondrayE: whaT?

Colleague1:BRIS; Brother Sis! You're not A "Brod," you're not a "Sis." BRIS!


  1. lolz.. pauso naman yun.. ehehehe...


  2. Hmmmmm pwede, pwede..medyo sosyal pakinggan lol

  3. @virex, hehehe, oo nga eh, iba talaga pag communication students!

    @JR, di ba sosyal?! hey bris!?

    @imnotsoconio, hehehe.. hi bris!

    @Aris, i know right?!